Premium Artisan Hemp

We focus on small batch brands with high quality processing standards. This ensures that all of our products are thoughtfully formulated with consciously sourced ingredients.


Our Products

  • Sublinguals

    These oils are taken orally under the tongue for fast absorption and custom dosing.

    Effects within 15-30 minutes

  • Topicals

    These formulas are designed for inflamed joints, sore muscles and spot specific pain relief and skin irritation.

    Effects almost immediately

  • Edibles

    Long lasting relief in a tasty package! Capsules, honey and infused beverages.

    Effects within 30 minutes to 2-Hours

How long until I notice something?

While the majority of users experience relief within the first few doses it can take longer for some. For the best results start with a consistent dose for a week to 2 weeks before alterning dosage or method of consumption.

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Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb

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Lip balm

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Gemstone Rollers

Gemstone Rollers

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Do these products get you "high"?

No all of our products are derived from industrial hemp with less than .3% THC.

Do you ship to all 50 states?

Yes! We currently ship to all 50 states and offer in store pickup within the state of Illinois.

Do your products have CBD in them?

The majority of our products are made with a full spectrum plant extract. This means that they contain a broad spectrum of cannabinoids. We do offer products that are made with hemp isolate that contain no other trace cannabinoids.

What is this difference between these products and medical cannabis?

Products purchased through a medical cannabis dispensary have more than .3% THC. This can be a benefit to some however many people now prefer lower THC products with no psychotropic effect. If you are unsure we always recommend to try over the counter options before jumping into medical cannabis.